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24h volume: 84,112.4089 BTC

Experience a new world

We were born in 2018, when the cryptocurrency crashed. We believe that we can do things only because of our severe experience. Cryptocurrency is not "special" but "normal". We are developing daily as a cryptocurrency professional.

We are proud to offer excellent quality and value in cryptocurrency trading. As a result, you can experience "simple" "safe" of the real cryptocurrency.

Our mission is to build an infrastructure that allows safe and secure use of cryptocurrencies. It will take some time, but the potential of cryptocurrencies is expanding further and the possibilities are unknown.

The best experience

Hi Security

Global presence Secure and reliable service for our users across the globe.

MDMA certified

Certified by Macau's Cryptocurrency Business Certification Association. MDMA

24/7 Support

You can always get professional support from our staff 24/7 and ask any question you have.

Mobile App

Applications that allow you to trade anywhere in the world on your smartphone.

Low Trading Fee

Trading fees are set low. if you trade at ARQ, it will be half price.


The system is robust, but very easy to use for beginners.

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The best cryptocurrency experience!

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Date Detail
2021-01-08 Important | Delist XRP. Scheduled for late January. Users asseting xrp should withdraw.
2020-12-15 Maintenance | Add Server. Performance Tuning.
2020-10-12 Maintenance | Server Stoped from 3:00 to 5:00
2020-05-12 Relase | Change Trading System New interface for SmartPhone
2020-04-22 Relase | Changed Account Page New interface
2020-04-22 Relase | Changed Wallet Page New interface
2020-04-03 Relase | Changed Top Page New interface
2020-04-03 Relase | Changed Trading System New interface
2020-02-15 Relase | bitarq Application for smartphone Ver.1.5 (Android OS)
2019-12-28 Maintenance | Server Stoped from 2:00 tol 6:00
2019-12-13 Release | We strengthened servers and strengthened security
2019-11-18 Release | Changed Chart system to Trading View
2019-10-06 Release | bitarq Application for smartphone Ver.1.0
2019-08-25 Release | New Top page
2019-07-15 Release | New Trading Interface
2019-06-03 Maintenance | Server Stoped from 9:15 to 16:00
2019-06-03 New Listing | bitarq will list OMOTENASHI at 9:00
2019-06-03 Launch the bitarq at 9:00