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Cryptocurrency Enjoy withbitarq!

Based on the concept of "playing out the crypto currency", bitarq is building a comprehensive platform for cryptographic currencies that can not be stopped only by "exchanges" that anyone can easily handle encryption currencies.

China Macau Digital Assets Management Association.
License No. 00002

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About bitarq

bitarq for Next Generation

About our Services

Best Easy Operation

We will open up a new world of "crypto currency" with a new screen and operation feeling that is not locked by common sense of cryptographic currency exchanges so far, and one and only service in the world.

High Security & Quick Login

If you log in with your own security card you will not need 2-step verification, you can login and manage crypto currency with high security & speedily.

  • Secure login with a dedicated security card
  • 2 step authentication not required
  • You do not have to deposit your assets on the exchange

Simple & Intuitive operation feeling

It realized an intuitive operation feeling with a simple screen that eliminated waste to the limit. In addition, by displaying different kinds of different encryption currencies in wallet units, there is no hesitation in screen movement.

  • Simple and intuitive operation feeling
  • Simple to eliminate wasted elements
  • Avoid input and operate with minimum tap
About our Solution

bitarq designated
a Security Card Wallet

bitarq has the necessary security card to log in to the crypto currency exchange. This card is also a hard wallet, so you do not have to keep your assets on the exchange. In addition, bitarq is also working with debit cards, you can use your ATM for lowering assets and shopping.


ARQ Token's Values

Token Name

ARQ Token




Ethereum ERC20

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Target Over 10 000 000 Users

The cryptographic currency population is only 5% in the world. The threshold for entry into the crypto currency is still very impressive. We will arrange the infrastructure that people who have never used crypto currency yet can feel free to participate.

Aug. 2018Business Consulting

We provide expertise and engineering that we possess, such as starting method of business, financing, scheme etc, for companies and individuals who wish to start a new business around the cryptographic currency.

Jan. 2019Boardup of ARQ

In November 2018, we plan to board up to Key. Key is a cryptographic currency exchange already open in June 2018 and it is also our partner company.

Feb. 2019 bitarq Ex Launch

bitarq Ex is scheduled to open in February 2019. It is a basic platform for intuitive and easy operation feeling, card security solution, debit card cooperation.

May. 2019Debit Card Launch

The debit card in which bitarq and the bank cooperate are currently working on partnerships with banks and system collaboration with exchanges.

2019-2020bank of bitarq

With the start of the bitarq banking business, we will cover the exchange in the first year. Already the country / name has been confirmed and please wait for the information to continue.

Coming Soon

Launch bitarq Ex

As for bitarq Ex Open, we are doing our utmost to promote business in order to maximize the merit of possessing ARQ. I am sorry we have kept you waiting, but please be patient for a while.


Core Members

Shohei Okada

bitarq CEO

Yoshiki Goto

bitarq CTO

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